New York City College of Technology 

Group project: campaign development design | november 2011

Final Concepts to Cut The Rope

Target: Young Adults, and adults. Wide range from 18-35. Loved to watch cartoons as a kid, especially ones like Tom and Jerry and Loony Tunes. May have kids and still watch the cartoons. Has a sweet tooth. Craves nostalgia. Watches online shows and content on streaming services.

Concept: We use Cut the Rope with a variety of partners (Dylan’s Candy Bar, Mars Candy, Dunkin Donuts) to promote the fun nostalgic feel of cartons from our target’s childhood. By creating cartoon webisodes, commercials, and merchandise to promote the game being bought from the App Store. Along with these cartoon shorts there will be guerrilla marketing such as a take over of Dylan’s Candy Bar, real life Cut the Rope challenges at bus stops or stores, and the use of candy packaging to give away free in-game codes. Our campaign would be targeted towards the older age group since they are the ones who have the greater access to buying apps on smart phones, but it would use children as a vehicle to induce app buying. Kids will want the candy, watch the cartoons, and will then want to play the game. Which we hope the parents will buy for them since it is only $0.99.

created by Rudra Melaram, Nacer Ayesh, Otto Mejia