Art By Ayesh

Nacer Ayesh is an American cartoonist, artist, writer, production artist and entrepreneur, best known for his works in local art show's throughout New York. 

In 2009, he helped form Nova Arte Crew, an informal organization that involves artist collaborating in local art shows. During his time with NAC, he participated in several art venues and local businesses throughout New York. Each event contained several different artist, each with they're own unique style of creativity. NAC is now expanded its reach into local show's throughout the state of Florida. 

During the month of December, 2010, Ayesh joined the production staff of an Independent film titled, Pariah, as a Scenic Artist. He helped with the creative process of some of the film sets by creating art works on walls, furniture and other materials on set. The film was later released in theaters on December 28th, 2011.

In the later year of 2011, Ayesh joined the forces of Marvel Entertainment as a Production Intern, to help tackle the work loads behind comic book creation. He worked across multiple Marvel titles during his tour, even designed several pages during this process. He gained recognition for his works in Secret Avengers issue #21, and Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider Girl issue #3. 

Since leaving inking duties of Marvel, Ayesh has ventured into the business of magazine publishing as a production freelancer. He's played a part in the production of several titles published for Condè Nast and Maxim Magazine. And is also designing illustrations for several privately owned apparel companies.


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